We run behind money thinking it will bring joy, happiness, satisfaction & fulfillment. But in reality, it seldom brings any of these if we don’t know how to use it. Money is very much like a vehicle that can be used to its true benefit only if we know how to drive it. In case we don’t know how to drive a vehicle, we should hire a driver to make use of it. There is no 3rd alternative here. In a similar way, we must learn money secrets to manage it efficiently and make the most out of it.

Since I was always thinking of money, one day it got personified & came to meet me. He introduced himself as Money Bro & said that it was once in a lifetime opportunity for me to look into the biggest money secret. As I was already excited to see Money Bro, I became very curious & offered him a seat. We talked over a cup of coffee and some cookies. In that interview, Money Bro revealed several secrets about himself. I am sharing what we talked & what are those secrets which he told me.Photo by on Unsplash

Me             Please tell me something about yourself.
Money Bro I am Money & I am here for each one of you. Whosoever owns me, I can bring him a lot of power.
Me         Please explain in detail?
Money Bro  Sure, let me tell you that I will never come for free. You will have to work hard to earn me. You should be very careful while handing me over to somebody else from your possession. Because, once I am gone, you will have to repeat the entire process of earning me back. You will lose your power equally if you let me go.
MeYou mean to say that I should not spend you.! In that case, how can I make my life possible without giving you away?
Money BroWell, all I mean to say is spend only that piece of me which you can earn back comfortably as earning money is not an easy thing to do.  
MeGot it. You mean to say, I should keep you safe as you will give me power if I keep accumulating you.
Money BroYes
MeBut I get a salary every month. I don’t have a problem with earning money.
Money BroTemporarily, it is good. But in the long run, salary money from your job is not very helpful as it gets exhausted quickly. If you keep working for a company, you keep working for me.
MeYou mean to say I am working for you, not for myself…!
Money BroExactly, my point. I am here to become your servant but you are bent on making me your master. That is your choice ultimately.
MeI am not sure what you are saying…!
Money BroYou are working day & night to earn me. Once you have successfully done that, you spend me. Again, you do the same to earn me & so on. Hence, you are working for me and thus, I am your master. Do you get it now?
MeHmm. I think now I am beginning to get your point. I am working for earning you. So, you are my master & I am your servant. But then, how can I change it & be your master.
Money BroI am happy that you have now come to this curiosity level. I will now reveal my biggest secret.
MeI can’t wait now. Please tell me your secrets.
Money BroMy biggest secret is that I am meant to be your servant while on the contrary, most of you have become my servant.
MeWell, I get you but how can I change the situation from being a servant to being a master?
Money BroThat’s easy. Keep me with you & ask me to work for you. You can ask me to bring more of my friends, which I can do. I may take some time to bring my friends to your home but I certainly have odds to do so. There are many vehicles available which leave for the destinations where my friends live. You need to board me on one of such vehicles. When you will set me for a journey, you will have to wait until I reach my destination. If you call me midway, it will be your loss as I will unnecessarily get tired & lose powers.
MeYou mean to say that investment products are vehicles. Time taken for maturity is your journey time & appreciation of the capital is your friends
Money BroYes, financial advisors will tell you the address of the vehicles. Go, get a vehicle fast & set me on a journey that will fulfill your money goals. Give me time to reach my destination and bring my friends to you. Trust me it will be worth every sacrifice that you will make in my absence.
MeThanks, Money Bro for revealing your biggest secret to me.
Money BroYou are always welcome but the point is these are open secrets. Those who follow it with discipline get ahead of those who don’t. I wish you all the best. Thank you.
And Money Bro disappeared reminding me that he never comes for free.
Interview with Money Bro

With these words, my meeting with Money Bro came to conclusion and I decided to follow his golden advice. This realization was a life-changing moment for me.


– Contributed by Ragini Karna                                   

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